PLATINCOIN cryptosystem

PLATINCOIN cryptosystem

PLATINCOIN cryptosystem What is? PLATINCOIN — a global project designed to bring together people around the world. We give a unique opportunity to change their lives and the lives of people around. real assets technological breakthroughs global presence.

Investing in the future.

Unique safety system Innovative learning platform PLATINCOIN — an innovative cryptosystem that combines training academy, a revolutionary hybrid technology blokcheyna, trend kraudfandingovuyu business platform and a social network. Today, it is these lines of business — the most popular and profitable in the multi-billion dollar internet technology market.

One of the advantages PLATINCOIN cryptosystem is that the decentralized. Coin PLATINCOIN worth Swiss company PLC Group AG.

Its team of professionals is making every effort for the development, promotion and growth PLATINCOIN course. The company maintains PLATINCOIN course at the expense of foreign exchange reserves growing revenues from the sale of advertising in their own social networks and the progressive income from its investment portfolio.

How to use PLATINCOIN?
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PLATINCOIN technology
Platinkoiny safely stored in the individual user’s wallet in your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Download your wallet and make transactions with just a few clicks!
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PLC Business
PLC Business — kraudfandingovaya platform for all those who believe that the simple ideas we can together grow profitable businesses and even corporations.

Millions of fans and directions Crowdfunding Crowdinvesting annual fund thousands of projects around the world for tens of billions of euros. Your eyes will turn ideas into successful companies. Participants cryptosystem can rate huskies projects. Their assessment will help investors understand how interesting business projects, whether they have a market and who are potential promoters and buyers of their products.

PLC Group AG intends to include in its investment portfolio and hundreds of thousands of long-term projects to make them profitable, well-known companies and bring many of them to the world exchanges. Your participation in the evaluation and selection of these projects — the key to our mutual success, because it is the profit of all companies in the PLC Group AG aims to maintain a portfolio PLATINCOIN course.

PLC Network
PLATINCOIN social network brings people of all ages and nationalities. Thanks to its enormous potential it offers to each of us unlimited opportunities for personal growth and successful business. With PLATINCOIN you can easily find friends, partners and like-minded people who are interested in advanced technologies to profit in the online environment and new opportunities for growth and development, as well as be able to profitably place in the social network advertising their products and services.

PLC Academy
PLC Academy — is an e-learning platform, which includes materials on the theory of cryptography and blokcheyna technology, as well as materials on the basics and strategies for successful promotion of online business and effective communications in sales.

In today’s world, information has become a core value, and PLC Academy provides access to the unique knowledge, which is not found in the theoretical textbooks. After all, the authors of the training units — practices with great experience: successful entrepreneurs, business consultants, IT-professionals, masters and online sales promotion.

What is unique in PLATINCOIN?
The uniqueness PLATINCOIN cryptosystem that is a hybrid solution based on blokcheyna technology, which in its importance and potential is not inferior to the creation of the Internet! Distributed unit of account PLATINCOIN established through reliable hybrid junction two of the most innovative technologies of mining — Proof-of-Work, which uses a well-known Bitcoin, and revolutionary technology Proof-of-Stake.

In this cryptosystem is a unique symbiosis of the three most sustainable, profitable and trend systems: Blockchain, Crowdfunding and Social Network.

PoW + PoS = Hybride Blockchain
Practice proves that the future belongs to hybrid systems that combine several types of successful technologies. Proof-of-Activity (PoS + PoW) MiningPLATINCOIN opens to users a unique opportunity, and most importantly — it provides the desired system stability and security. In PLATINCOIN you do not need to buy expensive equipment and burn gigawatts of electricity. Hybrid does the work with Coin simple, reliable and efficient!

Wallet PLATINCOIN system has a unique date protection. Its safety provides a hybrid system Proof-of-Activity (PoW and combines PoS), as well as the PLC Secure Wallet technology — a unique development of PLC Group AG. That is why, using the PLC Secure Wallet, all participants cryptosystem can be assured that their platinkoiny are safe.

Forget about the tokens, split, expensive equipment, a huge power bill and expertise! With PLATINCOIN can work everyone! Our cryptosystem is available everywhere and on all your devices — smartphones, PCs, tablets. The cryptosystem PLATINCOIN all operations are carried out quickly and easily!

How can I become a user of a cryptosystem PLATINCOIN?
In order to become a user of a cryptosystem PLATINCOIN, you only need to complete the registration process. If you want to get access to unique materials PLC Academy, you need to purchase one of business packages.

What gives me the purchase of a business package?
Buying a business package, you first buy PLC Academy training materials. In addition, together with a training package materials you get a certain amount of platinkoinov — main unit of account cryptosystem PLATINCOIN, (LIKE’s) «voices» that you can pay for one or another project within the PLC Business platform and advertising items (Ad Points), which you can use social networking PLC network. The volume of each of these elements cryptosystem depends on the size of the package purchased by you.

I will participate in the cryptosystem?
Opportunity to get unique knowledge about the novelties in the sector of financial technologies, communicate with peers and industry professionals to get their advice or advice. And most importantly — the opportunity to become part of an innovative company that will change the world!

Do I need any special knowledge to be complete and successful member of the cryptosystem?
To participate in this project does not need any special knowledge. Their you can get in the PLC Academy: you will have the opportunity to explore the essence of blokcheyna technology, learn how to properly conduct online business, as well as learn the basics and strategies for building a successful network marketing.

How safe storage platinkoinov that users have saved in a cryptosystem?
Each user keeps platinkoiny in an e-wallet, which security is provided by a unique patented PLC Secure Wallet technology. PLC Group AG, even within the service does not have access to the wallets of users and does not own their private keys.

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