Automation of Payments!

The payment mechanisms used in the Partner Fundraising are exceptionally simple and easy of access, and the system itself is designed in the way that all operations are performed automatically!

The international payment service WalletOne (Unified Purse, W1) is used for making donations and receiving revenue within the Whole World platform.


The purse linking is made in two simple steps:

When signing up for the community, you should create a free personal purse at and link i to your personal Whole World account.

In future, you will make donations from this purse and receive money transfers from other participants to this purse.

Linking of WalletOne Purse

Therefore, in order to be able to send and receive money, you need to link a WalletOne purse to your account. You will make financial aid payments from this purse and receive money transfers from other participants to the same purse.

Use the linking form that can be found in the Purse Linking section for creation and linking the WalletOne purse.

This is how the form looks like:


The form language will be determined automatically. If the language is determined incorrectly, you can change it yourself in the top right corner of the form.
To do this, click on the corresponding flag and choose the desired language:


If you already have a WalletOne purse and want to link it without creating a new one, press theLog In button and follow the instructions of the System.

But, for your own convenience and safety, we recommend to use a separate WalletOne account for working with Whole World.

So, let’s create a new WalletOne purse (see the picture below):
To do this, specify your E-mail address or cell phone number in the linking form.

Then enter the verification code as it is shown in the picture (572287 in this example) and press the Sign Up button.


In case of successful registration the number of the created purse and password to it will be sent to the E-mail address or phone number you have specified.

Enter the received password in the linking form and press the Log In button.


To finish the linking procedure, allow the Whole World application to have access to the following features:

• requesting information about the balance on the purse
• money transfers on your request
• invoicing on your behalf
• viewing profile information

To confirm the permission to perform these operations, press Allow.


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