Affiliate fundraising — it’s easy

Affiliate fundraising — it’s easy!

Today, more than 700 000 people from around the world are members of the international charity project «Whole World». And the number is constantly growing.

The main reason for the high popularity of our community is the use of the concept of the Partnership fundraising. Anyone just a few weeks the participation of their simple actions can send millions of rubles to charity and get growing income generated from affiliate with the structure.

It does not require any special knowledge and skills. Become a successful fundraiser at Whole World platform is almost everyone!

A unique feature of the Partnership fundraising is the fact that fundraisers receive income from their activities are not in the form of agency fees, but in the form of the same charitable donations from other parties who are in their affiliate structure.

Every time someone from the partner party’s structure makes a charitable donation, it also receives financial support!

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