Account Registration

In order to sign up, click the Sign Up button on the main page of the Whole World website or follow the link:


Then choose a signing up method in the popped-up form:

1. Signing up via your social media account
2. Signing up via E-mail


1. In order to sign up by means of a social network:
— press the button of the social network by means of which you would like to sign up
— if you have currently signed in to this social network, the System will direct you to the finishing of the signing up procedure
— if you have not signed in, it is necessary to enter the Login ID and password to your account in this social network, then the System will direct you to the finishing of the signing up procedure

done Whole World will not have access to your password to the account in the social network! You are entering your password directly to the protected signing-in form of the chosen social network.

2. In order to sign up by means of an E-mail address:

— enter your E-mail address in the respective box and press the Sign Up button..

attention We strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND using the addresses like,,, etc. for signing up. This can make it impossible to deliver important notifications from Whole World to your E-mail address (confirmation and password recovery codes, information on registrations of new partners, on receiving financial aid etc.)

For guaranteed delivery of notifications, the use of the e-mail accounts is recommended

You can sign up for a email account here:

Then there will pop up a window of finishing the signing up procedure


• specify your full name (it will be automatically transliterated to Latin script)
• check the correctness of the specified E-mail address
• specify your cell phone number in the international format (+7 …)
• specify your Skype ID (if available)
• specify your gender (M/F)
• compose a safe password and re-type it in the box below

Then read the Participation Agreement and accept its terms and conditions by pressing the Nextbutton

The System will direct you to the next step: Account activation.

Activating your account in the next step



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